Southland marathon recap

Last Sunday I ran the Southland marathon, which, by some measures, is the second oldest marathon in the world. (The first marathon at the official distance was the 1908 Olympic marathon in London.) In 2009 the Southland marathon attracted a relatively large field for its centenary, but this year, as usual, numbers were small. I … Continue reading Southland marathon recap

Whanganui Three Bridges Marathon recap

A few months ago I resolved to find a marathon and register for it, partly to have a specific event in the calendar to work towards. I settled on the Whanganui 3 Bridges Marathon on 12 December 2020. 1 km after the marathon start at 7am Although Whanganui is only three hours up the road … Continue reading Whanganui Three Bridges Marathon recap

Recap on 2020 Wuu2k trail marathon in Wellington

I went into this marathon-distance run less prepared than any run I've done. And for me, that's really saying something. I don't think I've ever gone into a marathon feeling like I've actually done enough. I'm always a bit underdone on the long runs. Sometimes I try to justify being under-prepared - I say that … Continue reading Recap on 2020 Wuu2k trail marathon in Wellington

The myth of the runner’s high

During the November 2019 Pelorus Trust Marathon in the Hutt Valley, the mantra that came to me in the first half of the run was this: "The only thing that can change my thoughts is other thoughts." Apart from a slight grammatical problem (singular versus plural), this probably looks like an odd mantra for running but … Continue reading The myth of the runner’s high

Auckland marathon 2019

An odd thing about pain is that, although you remember being in pain, you quickly forget the feeling of pain. I know full well that every marathon is difficult for me towards the end, like it is for most runners, but the experience of that discomfort hits me anew and surprises me each time. So it was with the Auckland marathon this … Continue reading Auckland marathon 2019

50 years getting to the start line

My First Marathon, 7 Sep 2019, Kinloch Offroad Challenge By Adrian Jurke I’ve always been active, playing squash and mountain biking mostly, but also quite lazy, never training obsessively, and feeling that I have never really pushed the limits of what I can achieve physically. I’m pretty much over squash, and mountain biking has become … Continue reading 50 years getting to the start line

Who am I? A mind-body split while trail running

Running can bring on strange sensations. Actually, life can bring on strange sensations. An altered state of consciousness is what some people would call what I am about to describe, but to me that seems a bit of a ponsy label. I described in a recent post a trail run in the hills around Quillan … Continue reading Who am I? A mind-body split while trail running